An Artist’s War
“He was never recognised as an official artist, nor listed by the Imperial War Museum, possibly because he concentrated on the unheroic face of war. The drawings show soldiers huddled under greatcoats, snatching a minute’s sleep in the corner of a muddy trench, digging in under driving rain, watching for enemy snipers through a makeshift periscope – and lying dead alongside their horses.” Max Hastings, The Times, 1st July 2017

“The work of both husband and wife is covered in this beautiful, informative book. Combining the letters they exchanged, sometimes almost daily, and his remarkable drawings and paintings, it is a unique diary of the war.” Duncan Macmillan, Scotland on Sunday, 2nd July 2017

“Williams’s intricate draughtsmanship captures the drama of battle and quiet moments in the soldier’s everyday life.” The Lady, 28th April 2017

Undaunted Spirit
“This is an exemplary artist’s biography: the text, accompanied by superb design and illustrations, is in every way a delight to read.”
Peter Cormack, The Journal of Stained Glass, Vol XLII, 2018

“This book, which contains a plethora of exquisitely reproduced archival material, interspersed with the whimsical illustrations by Scottish/Chinese artist Rae-Yen Song, would be a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf. It engages with many topics – design, personal recollections, the impact of war on production – and rightfully celebrates this immensely talented artist.” Karen Mailley-Watt, Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History, Volume 24 (2019-20)

“Phyllida Shaw is to be heartily congratulated on her research and compelling text and on assembling such a wealth of illustrative material. Interesting detail abounds so that the reader learns of the tight financial circumstances surrounding many projects.  Of the Scottish National War Memorial, ‘Lorimer had to monitor every last penny…… 2d was deducted from Alice’s invoice for £526-14-0 to cover the cost of the stamp.’ Keith Atkinson, Peppard Parish Magazine, March 2019